Friday, November 27, 2009

Starting to Feel a Little Better (Day 11)

So, today was the first time since surgery that I have been up and moving around most of the day. I have been "living" downstairs in my basement since the surgery. I sleep on the one couch and my Mom sleeps on the other. This has been working out pretty nicely b/c I don't disturb my boyfriend that way and it's actually easier to prop myself up to sleep on the couch than in my bed. (I tried my bed one night and woke up constantly feeling panicky). The sleeping has been getting better and I think last night was the first night I slept thru the night. We didn't go to sleep until about 2 or 2:30 and my Mom didn't wake me up until 12 (noon)! I was kinda upset she let me sleep that late (it's really dark in my basement so I guess that's why I didn't wake up) but maybe I just really needed the rest.
I have also been able to cut back on the pain killer (Roxicet). I was taking it every 4 hours at first and then have gradually been cutting back. Yesterday I didn't take anything the whole day and then I took some last night, slept for 10 hours and haven't taken anything since. I think I am going to keep taking it at night for a little while though b/c it definitely helps me sleep. On a side note, when I went in to see the surgeon this past Mon, he asked me if I had been taking Ibuprofen. I said no. And he said he wanted me to add that in between the Roxicet doses every 6 - 8 hours. I did not say anything about the pain being too much or the Roxicet not working enough so I am thinking he wanted me to take it for another reason. Do you all know if Ibuprofen helps to reduce swelling? That's the only thing I can think. So, I have been taking that once a day as well (I didn't want to overdo it).
But anyway, back to the point of the post. I don't know if I have mentioned before that my boyfriend is a total neatfreak. So needless to say, with my medicines, syringes, drinks, toiletries, etc that had all started taking over the basement table and other parts of the basement, I think he was about to have a panic attack. He handled it pretty well for quite a while and did his best to ignore it, but I think yesterday it was starting to get to him. And honestly it was starting to bother me too. Besides, it was my jaw that was broken, not my legs or arms. I think I started to realize that I needed to move around a little more and do a little more. So, I finally got myself up and cleaned up everything and organized the stuff I would still need out into a container. Everything else I put away. Then I vacuumed and dusted and that room is now cleaner than before the surgery. :)
But, my point is I think it was really helpful to get up and move around. It is hard b/c I don't want to leave the house (still feel too swollen) and there's not a ton to do around the house, but I think just laying around and sleeping is not helping me to heal any faster. Oh, and my Mom and I did play Wii two days ago as well. I think just a little bit of activity really helps. It seems like today is the first day where I have felt like the swelling is finally starting to look a little better. I have to be honest, I have been pretty panicky, saying crazy things to my Mom like "What if this is what my face is just going to look like? What if this swelling isn't going to go away anymore?". And of course she tells me I am crazy and asks me if I think it makes sense that I would have a "skinny" face before surgery and then all of a sudden a "fat" face afterwards? To which she answers herself "It's SWELLING!! It WILL go away and you need to stop panicking." I know she is right. But it is just scary. I think I keep focusing on the fact that they said in two weeks 90% (I think) of the swelling will be gone. So, I keep thiking of it like a countdown.. like now, I only have 3 - 4 more days for it to go away. What if it doesn't?!?! But, like I said, it did seem to be a fairly noticeable difference today and then looking at pictures a few days ago so hopefully in a few more days it will be a lot better. Did any of you have these fears too?
Well, I have taken pictures of myself every day, and I wanted to put them on this post, but they are on my Mom's camera and she just went out with my dad to a basketball game for a few hours so it will have to wait till next time. Then maybe you all can tell me your thoughts on my swelling.
Oh, and finally, I was all pumped up about the fact that I lost 10 pounds in like the first 6 days, but I haven't lost even a tenth of a pound since and all I have had is liquid. Did this happen to any of you? I would really like to lose at least 10 more pounds and was hoping I would on this liquid diet. I just don't know how it is physically possible not to be losing weight when I am probably taking in less than 800 calories a day. Maybe me being active lately will start to help with that. Ok, well it is time to sign off now. I am seeing the surgeon on Monday so if I don't write before then, I will definitely try to write an update after that appointment. Talk to you soon!!


Corey said...

The ibuprofen is to help with inflamation...I had to take 600mg 4 times a day..actually I still am. It helps you heal faster.
That's weird, I lost 10 lbs the first week too and nothing after that. bleh. lol.
My OS said that most of the swelling would go down in about 5 weeks...I still feel swollen sometimes's hard to talk still sometimes. It does get better. :-)

Meredith said...

Hey Kelly!
Ugh, you definitely need more variety than broth and Ensure. I was sick of that within a day! Try my Thanksgiving feast- mashed potatoes and gravy thinned down with some water. It's definitely not Thanksgiving, but it tastes okay!
I'm really surprised that your surgeon said that 90% of the swelling would be gone after 2 weeks. I really hope that's not true, otherwise I'm in trouble! Mine said that it would take 6 week for most of it to go down, and there might still be some lingering for a few months after that.
The same thing happened to me! I lost 15 pounds the first week and since then I haven't lost anything. My guess is that, since I'm eating SO much less, my metabolism has slowed way down. So I guess most of it will come back once I start eating again.
Good luck on Monday! I hope he has good news for you!

stephanie said...

So... my swelling wasn't even CLOSE to being gone in 2 weeks. Check out the picture in my blog - 2 months later, most of the swelling was gone. It's been close to 5 months for me now, and i still have swollen days. I don't want to rain on your parade, baut you don't want to get your hopes up and have them dashed. At the 2 week mark I began to look human again - but it wasn't even CLOSE to what my face settled down to.

I had the same fears as you do - in fact, I told my husband the night before my surgery "okay, in a few days or weeks I'm going to freak out and think my face will never look normal again. Just reassure me and pat me on the back" And sure enough... it happened dozens of times.

It'll look better, I promise. Oh, and the ibuprfen thing? Make sure to take it with "food", as it can cause really bad stomach upset - but if he's telling you to take it every 6-8 hours it's probably for inflammation and you should probably do it, despite the pain not being bad.

Thinking of you!

G.C. said...

Hi Kelly! Glad to hear you are doing well! My surgery will be on 12/16 and my husband just started talking about New Years Eve and all and I am think I will probably not be able to socialize at all - what are your thoughts (or anyone's else)?